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Racism and Restlessness

I know we should go along with the First Testament, with all of its sound ideas, but somehow, slavery doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Knowing the Lord was offended by the wearing of mixed fibers (Leviticus), and aware of the recommended treatment for such an offense was the very reason I donated my leisure suits to the Salvation Army. But He found no quibble with the owning another human being?

This could explain the tolerance for slavery that began a little more recently, as in the 17th century (CE), when several Abrahamic religions conspired to steal Africans from their villages, and send them on a cruise to the New World.

Their accommodations were not exactly posh. And I don’t think they were allowed to take part in Smorgasbord Sundays aboard ship.

So, when we overthrew our British masters and declared that all men were created equal, we seem to have interpreted that as some being more equal than others. As a matter of fact, slaves were 3/5th equal to whites, as was written in the Constitution.

The racism that lives on in America is probably rooted in the idea that God thinks owning slaves is swell. I hate to break this to those engaged in hatred and/or violence toward another, purely based on skin color, but we did eliminate slavery back in 1863, or thought we did. We were a little late getting started, as the Brits, the very slave-mongers we became free of, emancipated theirs in 1833, by an act of Parliament. France first did it in 1789, but a little fella named Napoleon decided God was right, and reversed the decision of the First Republic Convention. But they did eventually come around, beating us to the punch by some 15 years.

How can you say America is racist, you ask, especially since we elected a partially white person to be our President? Well, I believe that Obama’s election served as a catalyst for the racist tendencies many ignorant Americans still hold.

Knowing that we are all products of our time, I asked myself this question:
If I were alive during the early 18th century, would I have thought that it was cool to own another human being? Obviously, this is an unanswerable question, but I would like to think that given the knowledge that the human race consists of many variations (including within each racial group), and that no one race is genetically superior or inferior to another, how else should such a question be answered?

But we are in the 21st century, much to the disbelief of certain Republican candidates, and we know those facts to be true.

I’ve heard some cry out against the injustice of declaring George Zimmerman guilty before he’s had his day in court. But Trayvon Martin didn’t exactly have his day there either.

I suspect that the Stand Your Ground law that protected his (alleged) murderer, passed in Florida (again, so proud), and in a multitude of states across America, is rooted in racism. Martin was convicted by a court of one for WWH (Walking While Hooded.) What would Zimmerman have done to an Imperial Wizard? Not giving him a restless night, I’ll wager.

So, come on, walk a shoeless mile in the garb of a slave and try to have some empathy.

Evolution Shmev…

Evolution Shmevolution.

Who do these so-called experts think they are, equating their scientifically accepted theory of Evolution with Creationism? No wonder my nights have been so restless.

The next thing we’ll know, those same geniuses will say that the Earth and the Heavens are way more than 6,000 years old. Now, anyone who has visited one of the many Creation Science museums can attest to the fact that the earliest man coexisted with dinosaurs and other so-called prehistoric creatures. So don’t let the alleged Sciences — Astronomy, Biology and Anthropology fool you.  And if you haven’t been to one of the aforementioned institutions of greater learning, get your child’s school to organize a class trip so that he can become as enlightened as you. You won’t have trouble finding these museums. There are two in my state, Florida (I’m so proud), four in Texas (what a shock!), and others in California, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Tennessee and Washington.

And speaking of Tennessee, I’d like to thank their legislature for not bowing to science, and keeping the Scopes trial alive.,0,7419331.story

If I ever succumb to the crazed and overrated notion of critical thinking, I might be forced to believe that most of the Republican Presidential candidates in the last two elections might not have gotten evolution exactly right. And judging from some of those examples of God’s perfection, it’s hard to defend the notion that man descended from the apes. According to the latest poll of Chimps, Gorillas and Orangs, they are insulted by that suggestion. Using sign language, they declared,  “If that is where evolution is headed, we’d rather remain as we are.”

Fission for answers – con-fusion is the result

So what’s causing restlessness among the knights, this time?

Presidents pandering to polluters is my alliterative answer. Just as April 1st was upon us, President Obama became fossil fuelish by approving the Oklahoma section of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This was not the oil change I believed in, when I enthusiastically endorsed his election bid in 2008.

Now why do we suppose he did this? Was it because the voters of Oklahoma, grateful for the 600 temporary jobs his approval will potentially create, will rush out to support his re-election bid in 2012? If his race against that infamous flip-flopper, John McCain is any indication, Obama lost to the old rogue 66 to 34% in 2008. Does the President know something we don’t, such as Oklahomans woke up to reality and will now reverse a century old tradition of voting Republican?

Just when I thought my nights couldn’t get any more restless, at about the same time as the Keystone cave-in, the administration cut the budget for fusion research. Some have said this is the technology of the future, and always will be. The $50 million cut in fusion energy research will make that prophesy self-fulfilled.

Wait, my restlessness is just beginning. The withdrawn funds, which would have extended research activity at MIT, which last time I checked was a facility located in the United States, will now be directed to International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) located in a country where they don’t even talk American. This decision will close one of the three MIT facilities with all of the associated pain that come with significant layoffs.

This same President has gone fission, with the Federal underwriting of the conventional nuclear industry. This is the nuclear power that Germany, after appreciating the destruction experienced during the recent Fukishima fiasco, decided to replace as an energy source. Why does conventional nuclear power need Federal insurance guarantees? Because no company on the planet will insure a nuclear plant on its own.

Admittedly, cold fusion energy is an expensive process, but should it come to fruition, it could solve most of the energy problems associated with the burning of fossil fuels, and the dangers of uranium mining and storage of spent nuclear materials. Scientists working on this technology claim to be nearing a breakthrough. Is this the best time to be nipping it in the bud?

For more about the Pros and Cons of Nuclear energy, please go to my website:

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