The knights are restless and for good reason.

Social is Not a Dirty Word

“Social” is not a dirty word.  But it makes some people restless (I’m not one of them). And judging from the condemnation it receives from those sages on the right, you might as well be yelling, “Damn” at Santorum rally.

Social Security, Social Safety Net and Socially Responsible are terms you are likely to hear quite often during this election year. Thanks to the largess of the Koch Brothers, and their ilk, the airways are already flooded, with no Arc in sight.  Incidentally, Citizens United could not have happened without the help of the Charles and David Koch, whose father was a co-founder of the John Birch Society (I just thought I’d mention that). That anti-social Citizens United ruling, by the most right-wing Supreme Court in U.S. history, enables a few rich folks to exert political influence never before possible in America.

Supreme Court Right Wing

Why are these men smiling?

We already knew the evils of “socialized medicine”, because Presidents Harry Truman (1945), Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were chastised for attempting to saddle the country with this horrible handicap. The very idea! Strangely enough, Carter’s biggest opposition to Universal Healthcare came from none other than Ted Kennedy. You remember him. He was from the state that now has Obromney Care. Despite her husband’s failed attempt, early in his Presidency, Hillary proposed it during her 2007 election campaign.

Why is that word, “Social”, not condemned by European democracies? They don’t seem to have a problem with the concept that health care is a right, and not a privilege. And listen to this terrible idea: When a German or other European citizen loses his or her job, the loss of healthcare does not accompany it. That’s why they call it their social safety net. It prevents their family from being wiped out, while they train for new jobs. It’s actually easier to fire an employee in Germany, because the state ensures that the citizen and his or her family are protected from disaster. The company can rid itself of employees who do not perform satisfactorily, and keep those more productive. Nor are they responsible for employee healthcare insurance.

The idea of universal healthcare is not new to the twentieth and twenty first centuries. It actually began in central Europe in 1883. Source

Germany can also boast of one of the highest pay scales in Europe. Why is this good? Because a robust middle class is the best guarantee against economic depression.  Paying fair wages, instead of seeing how little you can cajole employees to accept, is the socially responsible thing to do. In certain U.S. states, governors and legislatures lure corporations to re-locate to their state because these companies won’t have to worry about polluting the environment or respect the right to unionize. These elected officials are not creating jobs, they are stealing them from states that are more socially responsible. There’s that dirty word again.

If we had Single Payer universal healthcare in America, we wouldn’t have some members of Congress calling the Affordable Healthcare Act, the “job-killing healthcare bill,” as they try anything they can to repeal it. They may be getting some help, shortly, from those aforementioned men in robes, very soon. That’s too bad, because most folks don’t even know about the good things this bill will bring, should it be allowed to come to full fruition in 2014.

“Obama’s the most socialist president in history,” shout his political opponents, whom, by the way, never let facts get in the way of their stated opinions.  I believe FDR has that title locked, because unlike the Fox ditto heads, I’ve actually read some history.

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7 thoughts on “Social is Not a Dirty Word

  1. Judy Wysnewski on said:

    Love your blog!

  2. A. Kaplan on said:

    Rock On!

  3. “Civil” and “equal” — as in civil rights and equal rights — are a couple more dirty words. They almost tip over into Communism, you know? But that’s a subject for another day.

  4. Leni Dubois on said:

    Interesting tidbit about the Koch Brothers. Most Tea Partiers are very close to that mentality. Scary Stuff!

  5. My candidate for the most socialist POTUS is … ta da…Richard M. Nixon. Took us off the gold standard (don’t hang us on a cross of gold) and abolished the draft.

  6. RN did not end the draft because of social responsibility. He did it to end the war-resistance movement. He did, however get some very progressive legislation done. He couldn’t get the GOP nomination today. His fellow Republicans would label him “SOCIALIST.”

  7. Dee Shafer on said:

    Absolutely right Barry. Thanks!

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