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Restless Knight Finally Gets Some Rest

Some view life as a glass half full, and others as a glass half empty. I, on the other hand, experience the glass as broken.

Obama waving to an enthusiastic crowd in hometown, Chicago.   The look on his face suggests that he might get that anniversary gift from Michelle, after all.

That’s why I was shocked to learn that the President had actually won the election. And if you look at the electoral vote, it was a respectable trouncing, with the President receiving almost 100 more electoral votes than his alien opponent, the man from Romnesia.

Romney pondering the failure of his magic underwear

Well, we won’t have Romney to kick around anymore, as his political career has been mercifully ended, except for a possible post as dogcatcher, a job where his experience in animal transport would give him an edge.

And we won’t have the women of Indiana or Missouri to kick around, either. In those states, despite Romney having defeated Obama in the Presidential contest, women wisely let Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock know that it was better to elect candidates to the Senate with IQs higher than 60, and voted accordingly.

The women of the states that brought us such notable intellectuals as Dan Quayle and John Ashcroft* are not the only ones spared the wrath of misogyny. All women can rejoice in knowing that Mr. Obama’s second term virtually guarantees that the Supreme Court will not add another conservative member for at least four years, protecting the fragile Roe V Wade decision that gave women the right to set their own reproductive agenda, rather than having to follow the dictates of religious pro-fetus fanatics.

My rest may be short lived. Just as I was breathing a welcome sigh of relief with the knowledge that the longest Presidential campaign in history was at end, I started hearing the sounds of pundits chirping in the night as to who the likely candidates would be in 2016. Puleeze!

Although we have a decided winner for the executive branch, challenges similar to those plaguing Obama in his first term will probably persist in his second. Unless the least popular congress in history decides to end its do nothing status, and work with the White House to actually accomplish something, we will be no better off in 2016 than we are now. Of course, the extreme right-wing is well aware that this, and will probably use it to promote the inevitable Presidential campaign of Paul Ryan, another staunch defender of women’s rights. Lucky us.

*You might recall that Ashcroft was beaten in the 2000 Senate race by a dead man. The voters correctly judged that a corpse would serve Missouri more effectively than Ashcroft could.

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