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In My Time

I know, Cheney’s book came out in late August, and I’m just getting around to reviewing it. Reason: I thought I’d take the time to read it before issuing what I knew would be my condemnation. But then things came up; such as I didn’t want to throw up, so I put the reading on hold. Another factor holding me back was actually laying down the cash to make the book part of my collection. It would have been like spending money to purchase a bottle of hemlock when simply eating my mother’s cooking would have easily done the trick.

Cheney, has been responsible for more restless nights than just about any other politician. As he said during an interview with NBC’s Jamie Gangel, well before the book was on the shelves, “There are gonna be heads exploding all over Washington.”

It seems, there were not enough of these exploding throughout the Middle East, thanks to his efforts, so he didn’t want Americans to be left out of all the fun.

According to the New York Times, “In My Time”, which was co-written with his straight daughter, Liz, turns out to be mostly a predictable mix of spin, stonewalling, score settling and highly selective reminiscences. By that, he remembers only those ‘facts’ that fit his agenda, conveniently forgetting the majority that did not.

Cheney demonstrated his interest in athletics by defending a sport called Water Boarding. This is where someone suspected of having information vital to the security of the United States is taken from his boring existence in a 4×6 cell, and given a chance to enjoy a refreshing little splash or two. This is, no-doubt, greeted, by the prisoner, as an opportunity to escape the tropical heat of that Cuba based American Hotel by the Bay.

The so-called suspect simply would have had to be accused of ties to the enemies of America by anyone he might have displeased in the past. It has been argued that no useful information can be obtained by using the technique that has been euphemized as enhanced interrogation. A person receiving this, or any other kind of torture would be willing to tell his interrogators just about anything they want to hear, whether or not it bears any truth.


Oh, you didn’t like my book?

He boasted that he would strongly support using it again if it were the only way to get a “high value” detainee to talk. Rumor has it that he would use it on his many critics, if that were the only way to get them to shut up.

Besides having several Interpol (International Criminal Police organization) arrest warrants out for him, he has lost some popularity with several former political allies, such as Colin Powel, who finally gained consciousness after helping sell Cheney’s Iraq plan to bring peace to the Middle East.

It’s interesting that Nigeria, of all nations, had tasked Interpol to issue the warrant for Mr. Cheney, as their own government has not been known for straight-shooting, unless you refer to their excellent firing squad program. And straight shooting is what Dick does best, as his lawyer and a few quail can attest. The Nigerians want a full investigation into a bribery scandal, alleged to have happened in 2004. In that instance, KBR, that infamous subsidiary of Halliburton, is accused of bribing government officials for lucrative gas contracts. This has put Cheney’s plan to vacation on the Niger Delta on hold for the foreseeable future – frustrating for him, because of the Delta’s huge quail and lawyer population.

This was not the first Interpol arrest warrant issued for Cheney. There was one as far back as 2006, when it spelled out that the Vice President at the time be seized as he approached the Nixon Library (Wow, two Dicks in the same room?). Fortunately for the VP, but not for the rest of the world, Interpol has no governmental authority to arrest anyone. They can only recommend that it be done by local authorities.

Similar criminal warrants, by the World Court have been issued for both Bush Presidents, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Condi Rice and others for war crimes. Officers of the World Court don’t have jurisdiction to enter the USA or Great Britain to apprehend these folks. But the travels in Europe and Southeast Asia, by the accused, are limited because they are subject to immediate detainment and extradition to Belgium. And nobody, with the possible exception of Gerard Depardieu, want to go there. Even Gerard ultimately thought that Russia was a far better choice.

Cheney continues to prove the lyrics of “Only the Good Die Young” by constantly surviving coronary episodes that would kill most in his condition. He’s alleged to have had a heart transplant, but according to most doctors, you must first have a heart in order to qualify for a transplant.

But at least Cheney is not a Republican who clings to the anti-gay sentiments, shared by most of his party. His other daughter, Mary, having come out, had persuaded him that it’s not okay to pick on someone from his family. He was recently joined by several conservative Republican legislators who seem to be “evolving” on this issue, despite the fact that they don’t believe in Evolution.

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