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Game of Moans

The very popular and highly improbable TV series, Game of Thrones, shares several things in common with the so-called

Nice guys don't always finish last

Nice guys don’t always finish last

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In both cases, a callous douche bag, whose motives and practices cannot be called into question, rules the land. In the HBO version, we saw Joffrey rise above the competition to become ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. And not unlike the young snot nose from that country living deep in the past, Joffrey also removes any obstacles to his continued sovereignty.

The young king has his choice of any comely female he chooses, just as Kim can choose from a variety of American former basketball stars, and selecting the prettiest one.

Unlike his Dad, Kim Jong Il, who kept his rhetoric to a minimum, Kim Jong-un loves standing adjacent to some of his country’s behemoth weaponry threatening to destroy the rest of the planet. But he does believe in family values – especially the Nuclear Family.

Un's Nuclear delivery system

Un’s Nuclear delivery system

This Restless Knight, having been made even more restless when that little man started waving potentially nuclear ICBMs around, thought he had settled upon this month’s theme. The new Great Leader, having risen in the North Korean meritocracy had emerged as the world’s chief pain in the ass.

How can you compare the Game of Thrones to the absurdity of North Korea, you may well ask?

In both instances, weaponry from a much earlier time is displayed ubiquitously. And given the meteoric speed of technology development, you might compare the crossbow with the 1950’s era tanks that Kim is confident will instill fear in his neighbor to the south. By the way, South Korea currently has a GDP around 20 times larger than his. The two countries had very similar per capita GDP until the late 70’s, when most of Grandpa Kim Il sung’s supporters decided that gambling on that dictator was a recipe for failure.

Today, only one ally remains faithful, although China may actually be awakening to the possibility of their having made a few wrong choices.  An example might be the obliteration of some of China’s most lucrative trade relationships.

But Little Kim has caught a break. The news media, following the dictates of if it bleeds, it leads, have found subjects much more exciting from which to show endless footage than the possibility of the leveling of Seoul, and sending the region into chaos.

Lest he forget

Lest he forget

Let’s see, which is worse? The Boston Marathon bombing, and its incessant reportage by the major media, regardless of the lack of any new information available, or the Senate’s violation of the Constitution.

What violation, I hear you wondering.  On a rare moment that I was paying attention to my civics teacher, I learned that in either of our federal legislatures, a simple majority vote (51%) carries, with certain exceptions, such as impeachment, or the expulsion of a member of congress, which requires a super-majority (2/3) vote.  I know, I know, Article 1 Section 5 states that the legislature may determine the rules for its proceedings, leading to the so-called filibuster rule.

So let’s talk about the importance of each of these events that drew attention away from North Korea’s Great Leader.

After the marathon bombings, the media, following the bleeds/leads rule, preempted my favorite shows with a continuous loop of film footage, with one network report, claiming to have an exclusive on the capture of the perpetrator. Well, exclusivity should not be the only reason to file a news report; facts should actually play some role. CNN was particularly guilty of violating that principal, with newsman(?) John King stating unequivocally that a suspect had been arrested.

Reporting non-facts has become a tradition with CNN, as their coverage of the Supreme Court Affordable Health Care Act ruling can attest. They and rival Fox Noise reported that the Supreme’s killed Obama Care.

What’s a news junkie to do?

The New York Post, another in the Murdock truth-reporting empire, misidentified a suspect, tainting him with a very serious charge.

And coming out of this story is a rumor, which I state is unconfirmed, that there is a move afoot to require background checks for the purchasers of pressure cookers at garage sales. This would be a clear violation of America’s right to slow-cook.

The Filibuster Rule, adopted by the Senate, permits a single member of that august body to stand before his congressional colleagues for as long as his or her bladder will permit, and blather on and on until everyone in the chamber is asleep, delaying the vote. It is the threat of a filibuster that has changed the original constitutional mandate of simple majority rule, to one which requires at least 60% for a legislative proposal to carry. The party in power – in this case the Democrats, can change this rule if they so chose. But in order to do this, Harry Reid, Senate Majority leader, demonstrating a clear case of nontesticularity, fears the time when the other party will become the majority, and so, refuses to even consider dealing with this issue.

There have been few actual filibusters, and you can’t count Jimmy Stewart’s. Most of them lasted minutes, and not hours with a few exceptions. Strom Thurmond gave his Depends a true test, filibustering for over 24 hours.

This results in a major conflict: Defend the Second Amendment, allegedly granting the right for any American, nut-job or otherwise, to bear arms, or let a minority of Senate votes deny what 90% of American citizens want, i.e. background checks for gun-purchasers at gun shows (or garage sales). I say ‘allegedly’ because the Second Amendment is quite clear, and despite a huge decline in musket and ball sales since the early nineteenth century, that amendment does not legitimize citizens to arm themselves with weapons of ass destruction. It talks specifically about state militias, a means of obviating the need for a standing army.

Embrace me, my sweet embraceable Un

Embrace me, my sweet embraceable Un

So, I think we need to resurrect Kim again. Nothing  gives the Restless Knight more pleasure than the photographic capture of the Un-Rodman embrace.

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