The knights are restless and for good reason.

Well, Shut Me Down

Maybe my nights shouldn’t be restless, just because our do-zilch Congress has decided to shut down the government.

Some of the esteemed members of that august body are asking their constituents if they have felt the effects of the closure. At least my Congressman, Vernon Buchanan wanted to know in his latest “InstaPoll.” impact

I usually respond to his polls, only so that my lonely voice can be heard amidst the din of his “learned” electorate.

I decided not to answer the question, because he might get the impression that closing the U.S. Government is a perfectly splendid idea, as long as most of his constituency has not yet felt any impact. There is no impact on me, personally, for the maltreatment of women, minorities and gays, but it doesn’t mean that those are also splendid ideas.

The Koch Bros are spending some of the money they “earn” from honest folks and use it to help kill the Affordable Healthcare Act. Because Congress’ 42 failed attempts to kill the bill, approved by an earlier legislative session (whose members had not gone completely berserk), and confirmed in a Supreme Court ruling, the Kochs are doing their patriotic duty.

So, many government agencies, such as non-essential ones like the EPA (We don’t need no stinkin’ environmental protection), certain Veterans Services (What? They need services?), and National Parks are closed, among many *others.

Here are some images taken directly from those closed venues:Rushmore10-2013


liberty10-2013 copy

*The NIH has stopped taking on new patients, while the Centers for Disease and Prevention will halt its seasonal anti-flu program. Non-essential, indeed.

While this situation exists, Homeland Security will not provide employers verification as to the legal status of potential employees.

The Justice Department will have to curtail their policy of arresting bankers and others who were responsible for the financial collapse of 2007-08. Oh, wait. They weren’t doing that, anyway. The DEA will have to stop invading legal cannabis clinics. What will they do for fun?

Labor law violators can have a field day. There will be no agency to crack down on labor abuses. At last: We can now catch up with Bangladesh. OSHA will have no O to SHA.

If you’re looking to apply for a passport, or renew your current one, you may have a problem, such as the building housing the passport office can’t pay their rent.

Say argghh, for the Ag Department, who have cut off support for the Women, Infants and Children Program, whose purpose is to provide healthy food guidelines for pregnant women. And we all know how those pro-life Republicans care about children (at least during the fetal stage).

And Washington DC – not to worry. You will be able to keep police and firefighters working, but don’t expect your trash to be picked up. Maybe we can have some Tea-Party congressmen volunteer as garbage collectors. At least then they would finally be accomplishing something.

Literally thousands of federal employees will be furloughed if the shutdown continues.

Restless nights, anyone?

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8 thoughts on “Well, Shut Me Down

  1. Judy Helgager on said:

    I think you speak for many of us. It is a stressful time for everyone, even those of us who may feel little or no impact from the shut down. I noticed that we may not be able to get flu shots so that is scary to me. I am thinking that we really do not know to what extent this action will lead us and how many agencies will close doors as time passes. The bottom line is that members of congress have too much power and they wield it to their benefit when they so choose. How do we change this?

  2. It all comes down to a nutshell. The wealthy don’t want to pay higher taxes on people they don’t care about, the 47% living off the government. A scary outcome of the controversy might be the rich retreating behind the walls of their gated communities and hoarding their money. Then the only possible resolution would be tax on wealth, not very likely.

  3. “There is no impact on me, personally, for the maltreatment of women, minorities and gays, but it doesn’t mean that those are also splendid ideas.”

    Like you, Barry, I typically find Vern’s Insta-polls somewhat irritating, but this one was remarkably awful. The very idea that the only way to judge the value of government services is by how they might affect me personally negates the Biblical notion of “Do unto others…” as well as universal education, the ACA or democracy itself: If I’m not sick, why should I pay into a system that helps care for those who are? If I have no children, why should I pay for others’ children to be educated? If I’m not affected personally by civic issues, why should I vote or become involved in my community’s concerns? These people are killing our country’s founding values…in fact, I think I’ll write Vern…for the umteenth time.

  4. Writing to Vern will get you a rubber stamp “Thank you” and not a response to your complaint. I’d be shocked if your result is different from the many attempts I’ve made to make my sentiments known.

  5. The concern I have about the US government is how destabilized it has become. Liberals have a sense of continuity. We believe that once this issue is solved life will return to the way it’s been in our lifetimes. But crisis after crisis is destroying the capacity of the Federal state to govern in an orderly manner. What will be the consequences?

  6. Leni Dubois on said:

    Lots of people are irate or frustrated with the situation in our govt. Who elected these politicians? Hope they are happy now, especially with our Dick head gov Scott.

  7. David Coe on said:

    I think using the Teabagger Congressman to collect garbage might be above their intellectual level…

  8. Les Downing on said:

    Kidnapping, hostage taking, and blackmail, are apt metaphors for the shutdown, but there is a critical feature of all of these that is essential to their potential effectiveness. If someone kidnaps your baby and threatens to starve it to death if you fail to give him a million dollars, the only way this can work is if the parents care more about the life and well-being of the baby than the kidnappers do. In the shutdown metaphor, the baby is the government, and ultimately the well-being of the country is at stake. Can we thereby assume that Republicans, who always claim to be such patriots, actually care less about the well-being of the country than do Democrats? Hmmm?

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