The knights are restless and for good reason.

Hobby Lobby Vs The Bris – Religion on the Cutting Edge

As if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford didn’t make this knight restless enough, with a tackle that could have earned him a spot in the Canadian Football League, now we have religion mongers on the march, yet again.

Actually, they never really stopped marching, and if we start with Egyptian mythology (upon which much of modern Western religion is based), we can see just how much power they have been (and still are) able to amass.

My latest bout of restlessness is attributable to the Hobby Lobby. Despite what they claim in their ads (and you can expect newspapers to be flooded with them come Christmas), the Founding Fathers did not establish the United States as a Christian Nation. To the contrary: those wise men made  a point of separating Church and State.

Some members of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) are either unfamiliar with the Separation Clause (A.K.A. Establishment Clause) or are deliberately obfuscating it. That acronym “SCROTUS” is often confused with a portion of the male anatomy. Perhaps that wouldn’t happen if those Bush/Reagan appointees didn’t act as if they were.  They can’t use the excuse that the clause is buried too far down in the Constitution to find, because it’s part of the First Amendment.

This came up recently when SCOTUS was asked to render a decision on whether or not a corporation must provide contraception coverage for its employees.  This provision is guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act, which, to the surprise of many progressives, was also approved by SCOTUS.  Hobby Lobby claims that since, in another session of that august body, it was decided that corporations are people, it’s not much of a stretch to allow that “corporperson” to declare its religion.

So Hobby Lobby is now a convert to Catholicism. I say, “convert” because Hobby wasn’t born into that religion and was not forced to attend parochial school.  I’m trying to picture a lady in a penguin costume striking little Hobby with a ruler to effect discipline, or worse, his being violated by some sex-starved man of the cloth, between choir sessions.  I’m having trouble conjuring up those images in my mind. I doubt that the new Pope would condone those notorious practices, as he has demonstrated a genuine concern for the well being of people. Rush Limbaugh has criticized Pope Francis, calling him a Marxist, and Rush is probably a big fan of Hobby Lobby, if I had to guess. I reached that conclusion upon learning that one of Limbaugh’s favorite hobbies was calling women seeking birth control, sluts.

If this request is approved, relieving Hobby Lobby of the God-frowned-upon burden of providing the coverage that allows a female employee to decide if and when she wants to have a child, other companies could be tempted to adopt this principle.

Katz's_BarmitzvahKatz’s Delicatessen, on the lower East Side of Manhattan, would now be able to get that Bris (it already has the brisket) that it was denied a week after it was founded back in 1888. That’s the conclusion I drew after reading its autobiography.  Well, actually, it can’t really be an autobiography, because Katz’s Delicatessen had to leave school early, and never learned to write. Cook, yes; write, NO.

Pictured – Katz’s Delicatessen posing for its Bar Mitzvah Picture.

There are cases now pending before the Court on a pharmacist’s right to choose (remember that term?) whether or not to fill a prescription for birth control pills, sell a diaphragm, or heaven forbid, the Morning After Pill, based on religious beliefs. I doubt if religious corporations would welcome vasectomy coverage for their male employees either.

You can see where this is heading.  Christian Scientists (oxymoronic?) and Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in certain life-saving medical procedures. If God wants you to go, who the hell are we to say otherwise?

Those founders, many of whom were Deists (which I believe is the 18th century equivalent of atheist, agnostic or secular humanist), were smart enough to leave a mythological Being out of the Constitution. They didn’t go far enough. Freedom FROM religion should have been included.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion … ,” just does not go far enough.

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5 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Vs The Bris – Religion on the Cutting Edge

  1. Hard to tell the difference sometimes between religion and simple repression of women’s rights.

  2. I have a friend who is the son of an Anglican priest. His observations are that 50% or so of the parishioners are faking it. They can’t bring themselves to leave the church but do not believe in God. The issue for us is to make it clear that individuals can detach themselves from religious organizations and enjoy a rich life. But true believers seem to overwhelm the true unbelievers with organization and perseverance.

  3. Well said. If the goddy Hobby Lobby is allowed to customize federal law to serve their druthers, will that allow a Muslim boss to demand female employees mount handkerchiefs over their faces? Will they require female employees to sew themselves shut as a condition of employment? The possibilities are endless.

  4. Leni Dubois on said:

    Love the picture of Katz Deli with the Yarmulka! Great photoshop. Very entertaining blog, too bad it is so true.

  5. Katz’s would have had that bris, but they had too much skin in the game.

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