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Religion and Another Restless Night

Yet another restless night over religions competing for which one is the cruelest (and dumbest).

At the moment, it’s not much of a standoff. Islam, “the religion of piece”, seems to want to tear the world to pieces. Of course, they did have some great western examples to emulate. President Obama was not far off when he made similar comparisons.

Against his argument, it has been pointed out that the sins of the Inquisition happened hundreds of years ago, and Christians would never commit these acts today. Am I remembering incorrectly men in white robes and hoods stringing up men in black skin – and doing it in the name of Jesus? The sin of child rape, committed by men of the cloth, still happens to this day. And the perpetrators get the slap on the wrist penalty of being sent to another diocese, never seeing the inside of a prison (sort of like banking executives).

While child molestation doesn’t quite compare with video-recorded beheadings (and worse- if you can even imagine anything worse), it’s still inexcusable. If the best Pope EVER is truly to hold that title, he needs to fix the problem yesterday, if not sooner. To his credit, he has removed several controlling members of the Vatican Bank, resulting from money-laundering allegations.

Wait, I’m not quite done citing other abuses committed in the alleged Christian God’s name, such as Srebrenica massacre of 1995, where thousands of men and boys were brutally slaughtered by those charming Eastern Orthodox Serbs (they were only following orders). This story was covered by the late CBS reporter, Bob Simon on a special edition of 60 Minutes. What about the punishment of homosexual behavior with long prison sentences, and in some cases, death? How about forcing a woman to bear a child she doesn’t want, and/or can’t afford? “God hates abortions,” say these guardians of justice, “He told me so Himself.”

Even the peaceful Buddhists have committed violent acts. Yes, hard to believe, but you can check it out

One of the ways we can stop the likes of ISIS or ISIL is to stop invading countries to control their oil supply, while claiming to stop its nuclear threat. AngelSadamSaddam was certainly no angel (and probably still isn’t – we’ve searched all of heaven, and he’s nowhere to be found), but is Iraq better now than when it was under the Hussein domain? And what about Bashar? Again, not a very nice guy, but by weakening him, we strengthen his opposition in Syria, which includes the religious fanatics I referenced in paragraph 2.

All faiths need to reform, and occupy a place in the twenty-first century (CE, not BCE). They can continue to delude themselves, but punishing apostates with death is just unacceptable. Adopting the latest fashion in suicide vests does little to bring world peace. Birth control would limit poor populations, and thus be a plus.

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