The knights are restless and for good reason.

GOP Debate – One Restless Knight, Indeed

bobbyNothing makes this knight more restless than a bunch of clowns gathering on a stage, pretending to look out for the best interests of this country. CNN could have included the child’s table (held earlier that day), because what’s another four more clowns piling out of a car?

I salute CNN, not for dignifying the Presidential race by inviting fifteen cretins into Mrs. Reagan’s airplane hangar, but for the intelligence to extend the debate to enhance their revenue, which was in serious need. It reached almost 24 million viewers, almost out Foxing the previous debate.

donald Some have wondered how the President’s official jet wound up as part of the Reagan Library (including me). According to Yahoo News (which seems appropriate while fifteen Yahoos stood up on that stage): “Lobbying, in a word, is what landed this prize. At one point in his presidency, Reagan flew SAM 27000 with then-Secretary of the Air Force James McGovern. In the midst of a conversation, Reagan said, “Mr. Secretary, this is a pretty nice airplane…. Can I have it?”

I have a low attention span to begin with, but having to get through three hours of greatest barrage of lies since I went to high school, and told my parents I did not play hooky.

And speaking of ‘stretching the truth,’ these Presidential hopelesses made Pinocchio’s pinnochionose look like a tiny pimple. I think Carly Fiorina’s was so long, the camera had to move back several feet. Not that the Donald was the pinnacle of truth, nor were any of the others.
carlyEvery evil player needs a scapegoat. For Hitler it was my people, to these saviors of America, it was Planned Parenthood. Carly made a impassioned appeal to Hillary and Barack to watch a video falsely attributed to Planned Parenthood. And as one of the more intelligent audience members attested, Obama’s not even an American, let alone a Christian, so why would he care? Did any of these distinguished pretenders offer any rebuttal to that ridiculous statement? If you said, “yes,’ you weren’t watching the show, but it was very late in the evening.

It wasn’t until the fact-checkers showed up during Anderson Cooper’s summary that the lies were revealed. It would have been nice if a “Bullshit” light would flash as each lie was told, but CNN wouldn’t have been able to afford the electric bill.

CarsonThere were two medical doctors up on that stage, neither of which thought to discredit the theory that autism was caused by vaccines. Ben Carson, who has made spectacular claims of his own, like “Obamacare was therand worst thing to happen to America since slavery,” must have been out of town (or off the planet) during the Vietnam and Gulf wars. The other doctor, the poster child for Better Haircuts of America, Rand M Poll (married to Marge N O’vera) conveniently forgot to challenge the remarks of Mr. Bridgegate , the rotund, proud defunder of New Jersey Planned Parenthood.

cristieFinally, taking lying to a new level, the Donald shouted down Jeb’s claim that he, Jeb, prevented Trump from getting casinos in Florida (what was Jeb smoking when he posed for that picture?). Sorry, Donald, just because you said it, it doesn’t make it true, in fact it usually makes it patently false. Donald insisted that if he did want those casinos, Florida would have had them. The proof lies in the fact that they are not in Florida, therefore Trump didn’t want them there. Donald has been consistently denying that four of his companies filed for bankruptcy. Why would this self-made success ever need to declare insolvency? Does self-made include those who were born with silver spoons in their mouths? Trump’s father was a successful real estate developer in New York, when Donald was a gleam in his mother’s eye. I can imagine what that gleam turned into, once that clown emerged from the womb.

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5 thoughts on “GOP Debate – One Restless Knight, Indeed

  1. Great commentary except for the use of “rotund” to describe, really to discredit further, Christie. I’m shocked! A WW member of your caliber and distinction calling a huge whale of a man “rotund” rather than “well-packed” or “sturdy”. But, your description of the debate event caught all the best points and I enjoyed it heartily.


  2. M Cotler on said:

    You really have to calm down.
    The Republican presidential candidates’ prime-time debate on CNN attracted an average of 22.9 million viewers, the network said on Thursday, making it the highest-rated program in the channel’s 35-year history.
    The figures, based on Nielsen data, fell shy of the 24 million who tuned in last month when Republican candidates took part in a debate on Fox News Channel, the biggest audience for a non-sports telecast in cable TV history.

    Second, the debate format was constructed to start a food fight, not to address serious issues. When anyone tried to bring up a serious issue the debate was directed back to Trump and personal attacks on each other.

    Third, directing a stream of sarcastic, ad hominem comments at the participants diminishes the legitimate complaints you listed.

    • The viewer figures came from CNN itself, and was since revised. And Martin, you are entitled to your opinion, especially if you don’t mind being wrong.

      • M Cotler on said:

        Yes, they came from CNN and were reported by every major media source the same way. I have no doubt they were spun to come out differently. In either case not anything of earthshaking significance.
        N o comment on 2 and 3?

  3. Beautifully writing Barry. You have gathered all of the wonderful left wing-talking points and narratives and made them glisten.

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