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This is a Presidential Election?

I think I speak for a great number of people who’ve had restless nights over this endless election cycle. The night of Tuesday, November 8th, may be the most restless.

Having survived the ills of this planet for over seventy-five years (which lately seems like 175), never have I seen a presidential campaign where none of the candidates did anything right.

Our 2016 election compares unfavorably to even Hitler’s rise to the chancellorship back in 1933. Please note that der Fuhrer and der Tangerine Clown used similar tactics. FDR’s “all we have to fear is fear itself,” does not seem to resonate in the minds of a fairly large portion of the voting public. We can (almost) excuse the Germans, because Roosevelt’s words would not be uttered until almost nine years later, after Pearl Harbor was attacked, while the Versailles Treaty opened the door to Adolf’s twelve-year reign.

Both appealed to their constituents’ fear of an alien force, and played upon their people’s disenchantment with the status quo. While Trump boasts that he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, Hitler tore down the Maginot line, and the French REALLY paid for it. Trump hasn’t let on just how the bill for the wall will be paid, but he doestrumpclowndailynews accept the Trump Express Card, one of the many of his failed enterprises.

But I digress. Let me return to my original premise. Between the major and minor parties, we had about thirty candidates (that people actually heard of) seeking the nomination. The Republicans could not field a single one that made a better case than the Clown from New York Town. The New York Daily News said it best.

Fellow candidates for the GOP nomination exchanged slurs here-to-for unheard of in any previous presidential race. The subject of hand-size dominated the airwaves, web sites and social media, which made Trump assure his prospective voters that he had no problem in “that” department. This is information we all require before knowing which candidate to entrust with the nuclear codes. Ted Cruz, who campaigned wearing his freshly pressed crusader’s uniform, bravely told his party, “people should vote their conscience on election day.”


I originally misunderstood the meaning of Crusader. I thought it referred to a Passover dinner with Ted presiding (oops, wrong religion).

But Cruz, in a bid to be re-elected Senator of Texas — yes, the same state that showed the wisdom to have Rick Perry as its Governor, ultimately endorsed Trump. I guess Trump’s accusing someone’s daddy of complicity in the murder of a U.S. President is hardly a reason not to endorse him.

And speaking of candidates with a Cuban heritage, there was Marco Rubio, who originally brought up the “hands” issue in a presidential debate, was dubbed “Little Marco” by Trump, forcing Rubio to return to Florida for re-election, to continue playing hooky as the state’s junior senator.

We’re not going to fault Bernie, who finally had the sense to quit the race, after coming to the conclusion that a seventy-five-year-old Jewish socialist would not stand a chance. But he did help perpetuate a Hillary-gap from which younger voters may not recover.

Going Libertarian? They’ve got Gary Johnson, who thought Aleppo was slang for someone suffering from leprosy.

And then there’s Hillary – you remember her. Her first mistake was remaining with Lecher Bill, after multiple dalliances. She’s faced a new dilemma when her hubby decided to visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, while her plane sat on the tarmac. The Republicans made political hay out of outlandish notion that they were not talking about their grandchildren. Well, what else would they have discussed? Even the Democrats groaned according to an article by Politico.

While serving her stint as Secretary of State, she unwisely used a private e-mail server (because we all know how safe public servers are —as Yahoo will attest). Despite the imminency of her presidential campaign, she and Bill continued to take advantage of her State Department status to raise funds for the Clinton Foundation from some questionable sources in exchange for favors unknown, Then she made the unfortunate choice of Huma Abadin as the vice chair of her campaign. The vice part particularly fit, given the notoriety of her estranged husband, Anthony, look at my dick pick, Weiner. The mistake here was bringing Huma on, without first burning her computer that she had shared with Weiner (would you touch those keys?). FBI chief, James Comey, picked the worst possible moment to deliver the October Surprise, conveniently refusing to talk about the investigation over the Trump University scam.

But the Donald candidate makes no mistakes. He can choose a man who was fired from of all places, Fox News, for simply following Trump’s own female-contact advice he shared with Billy Bush on that bus. Trump, who respects women more than anyone, believe me, didn’t realize or didn’t care that an open mic recorded their entire erudite conversation. He can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and not lose a single vote. He can go bankrupt four times and still enjoy the reputation as a clever businessman. He can claim that Climate Change is a hoax, despite the probability that that ‘hoax’ may submerge his Mira Lago golf course in Palm Beach. He can falsify documents enabling his future wife to work in the United States without the proper visas, while warning his supporters of illegal aliens invading our country. He can label an American-born judge as unqualified because his parents were born in Mexico. He can disparage the Kahns, parents of a slain American military man, and then accuse the husband of silencing his wife. And he pays no price.

The people that support (or tolerate) Madam Secretary have one strike against them: They think. That may not be true for many of Trump’s troops. That’s why he can make a statement, then reverse himself during the same appearance, and still not lose trust with his constituents.




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