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The Knights Are Already Restless, – and Trump’s only been on the job 12 days!

If you get depressed easily, maybe you should’t read this. If you’re not, perhaps a trip to your psychotherapist might be in order.

It’s been only thirteen days since the President Elect became the President Erect. I use that term because it describes the biggest schmeckel  to ever be ushered to power by the very un-democratic Electoral College. Obviously, the Humanities is not a subject taught there.

Sorry, GW Bush, but you’ve been out-putzed, and it didn’t take that long. Just when I, and most of my associates, thought that the Bush-Cheney team couldn’t be out-schmucked, along comes a new leader whose public appearances will be greeted by Heil to the Chief (yes, I spelled that correctly).

Only Trump’s most loyal supporters — and those who have not learned that it is highly unlikely that robotics-caused job losses will return to the U.S. (or anywhere else, for that matter) — will become disenchanted. Notice I didn’t say ‘impossible.’ I already made that mistake when I and most every other political ‘expert’ assured us of a Trump loss, or even a shellacking.

Eisenhower alerted us to the Military Industrial Complex. but Obama should have warned us about the Superiority Complex, something his sucessor demonstrates daily (make that hourly).

A few of my less-evolved buddies say, “Give him a chance. Isn’t it too early to judge?” But I think his nominees for the Cabinet and other vital security positions are giving us a few clues. It’s like saying, “Don’t judge that nuclear blast until you see the results. It could be just another one of those harmless mushroom clouds.”

He’s nominated Neil M. Gorsuch to be the next member of the Supreme Court. Trump tried everything he could do raise Scalia from the dead, but when Antonin learned who the new President actually was, he said, “No thanks, I’d rather stay where I am.” The late justice didn’t indicate just where that was, and the sound of raging fires did obscure much of what he said.

The Democrats in the Senate could fail to join 52 Republicans when the vote for approval takes place. But why should they? After all, did the GOP even consider Obama’s nomination of moderate, Merrick Garland, almost a year ago? You bet they didn’t! This is a little fact that John Dickerson, host of Disgrace the Nation, failed to point out to conservative guest, Hugh Hewitt, author of The Fourth Way: A Conservative Playbook for a Lasting GOP Majority,” when Hewitt appeared on his show on January 29th.

Hewitt (whose mother loved him so much, she nearly named him twice) stated that the Democrats have no reason to attempt to block a SCOTUS nominee. The turtle look-alike, who leads the Republicans in the Senate, also seemed to suffer from amnesia when he insisted that Senate Democrats treat Trump’s nominee with the same respect his troops showed to the former President’s.

Trump’s record low approval ratings for any President’s first thirteen days in office was not statlibcantlooklimited to the millions of illegally-voting Hillary supporters, or any non-members of the American Nazi party. In a rare glimpse of the statue that represents American liberty, the Lady was echoing the sentiments of most people on the Trump-threatened planet.

The President is following the lead of many elected officials from the GOP, in insisting that Climate Change is a hoax. And he’s made the appointments to support that position, untenable as it is.

Now I’m not suggesting that Republican members of congress have been influenced by campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry, but OpenSecrets is. If you think Lady Liberty is shielding her eyes now, wait till she learns that Exxon Mobil Mogul, Rex Tillerson is the new Secretary of State. Let’s hope that this Rex is not a dinosaur when it comes to protecting the environment, as hopeless as that hope seems at the moment.

But to make up for that poor choice, Trump is leveling the playing field by appointing Texas former Governor and oopser, Rick Perry, to run the very department whose name he couldn’t remember during the 2012 presidential campaign. The Energy department is responsible for our nuclear arsenal. Comforting to know that a pro is in charge. But just to be clear, when reminded by fellow challengers for the presidency which agency that was, the EPA was mentioned, not the DOE.

But don’t you worry. Trump’s got that department covered as well. His pick to lead he Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruiit, is a staunch defender of the industry that is speeding the destruction of that very same environment. A rumor is going around that the agency will be renamed the EDA (the word ‘Destruction’ replaces ‘Protection,’) but who really cares? Certainly not the parents and grandparents of the children that will inherit this planet.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, clearly having no understanding of the word ‘drain.’ Most of that swamp, by the way, was polluted by his fellow Republicans, who have ruled both houses since 2010, making appointments extremely challenging for Barack Obama.

Now Roe vs Wade is under attack. Planned Parenthood will be defunded. This will ultimately lead to a return of back-alley abortions, or women having no alternative but to bare a child she cannot afford to clothe, feed, or educate. Seems fair. How else will we recruit troops to fight the next oil war?

Trump has surrounded himself with very talented truth avoiders. Reince Preibus (who I often mispronounce as ‘Raunch Pubis’) is the new Chief of Staff. His Press Secretary, Sean Spicer calls his boss’s support among the people as “tremendous,” quickly taking on the vocabulary of the firer-in-chief (as his dismissal of the former acting Attorney General, Sally Yates would attest). All she said was she could not enforce a ruling that was unconstitutional. The nerve! And the most ingenious truth avoider, Kellyanne Conway, will be sure to set us all straight.

In a nation that is 38th in pre-college education, having Betsy Devos assume the position (a favorite Trump line) as Education Secretary, is sure to put us even lower in that ranking. But it doesn’t matter, because we are making America great again, and that’s what really counts.

He has also ostracized the press, almost in its entirely, as the most dishonest people in the world. Breitbart and Fox News were excluded from that ranking.

But I want to wish the new Commander and Chief well, almost hoping that he won’t follow in the footsteps of William Henry Harrison. The ninth President, differed in his speech making from #45, having stood on an icy inaugural platform for several hours, only to be rewarded with incurable pneumonia that killed him several months later. Trump took no such chances, by delivering one of the shortest inaugural speeches in American history. He had thought about Tweeting it, but then he would have been around fifty characters too short.

The Tenth Crusade

What a fitting subject to be included in the Restless Knights blog.

Most people believe that the Crusades ended around the end of the 13th century. What they don’t realize is that one is still going on, right here in the 21st.

Only this time it’s going by a different, although similar title. “The Cruzsades.”

Its purpose is basically the same as the first nine; to make the world safe for Christianity, because what we all know is that it is under threat. Well, some of us do.

While the world has a good laugh at our expense, regarding our presidential politics, we have lined up, on the Republican side, the uncanniest of candidates in our nation’s history.

I can’t remember a single election where those running for the highest office in the land were competing on the size of their members – and I am not referring to those claiming to be the party faithful. Up until Rubio stepped off the debate platform, Republican voters had to choose between which candidate had the biggest putz, and which one was the biggest putz. You can appreciate what a challenge that would be after stepping into that voting booth on primary day.

As the contest rolls on, seemingly without end, it appears to get more and more absurd. Cruz, self-appointed head-Christian, gets on his knees — every single day — to pray that he will be the chosen one (and he’s not even Jewish). During a recent prayer vigil, Jesus told Ted that he’d CarlyCruzsaderbetter pick his Vice Presidential choice soon, because Hillary was sure to be his opponent in November, and a woman with similar qualities would be his best option. But instead, he chose the female who had done some damage to the Donald in an early-season debate. The only thing similar between Carly and Hillary is their reproductive system.

Since the Cruzsades have already begun, Carly did look pretty good in uniform, and battle-ready — an important qualification. Carly also showed that fetus that she alleged Planned Parenthood put up for sale. You can’t get more pro-Christian and anti-reproductive rights more than that.

Ted believes that the nation is just not Christian enough, and he’s got some ideas on how to fix that. For example: Old Glory is a couple of hundred years old, and is due for a makeover. No. He’s not going to make Puerto Rico a state, but he’s got a better idea. What better way to remind Americans that we are a Christian nation than to design our flag accordingly.cruzOldGory

With a Cruz win, this emblem will be unfurled everywhere. Betsy Ross will turn over in her grave, but that’s the price she pays for not designing it that way in the first place.

But why are we talking about the Great Cruzsader as if he were the apparent winner in Cleveland? Because the party faithful (and I mean FAITHful) will not permit the owner of Trump enterprises to be the GOP nominee. Is it because Trump University only taught one thing: Don’t believe anything the Donald says. Could it be because three of Trump’s companies have declared bankruptcy? Are they saying we shouldn’t put our trust in a man who lost money in gambling casinos? Many people do, but not when they own those very same casinos.

He promises to make America great again, but what he’s really accomplished can be be shown on this banner:


Religion and Another Restless Night

Yet another restless night over religions competing for which one is the cruelest (and dumbest).

At the moment, it’s not much of a standoff. Islam, “the religion of piece”, seems to want to tear the world to pieces. Of course, they did have some great western examples to emulate. President Obama was not far off when he made similar comparisons.

Against his argument, it has been pointed out that the sins of the Inquisition happened hundreds of years ago, and Christians would never commit these acts today. Am I remembering incorrectly men in white robes and hoods stringing up men in black skin – and doing it in the name of Jesus? The sin of child rape, committed by men of the cloth, still happens to this day. And the perpetrators get the slap on the wrist penalty of being sent to another diocese, never seeing the inside of a prison (sort of like banking executives).

While child molestation doesn’t quite compare with video-recorded beheadings (and worse- if you can even imagine anything worse), it’s still inexcusable. If the best Pope EVER is truly to hold that title, he needs to fix the problem yesterday, if not sooner. To his credit, he has removed several controlling members of the Vatican Bank, resulting from money-laundering allegations.

Wait, I’m not quite done citing other abuses committed in the alleged Christian God’s name, such as Srebrenica massacre of 1995, where thousands of men and boys were brutally slaughtered by those charming Eastern Orthodox Serbs (they were only following orders). This story was covered by the late CBS reporter, Bob Simon on a special edition of 60 Minutes. What about the punishment of homosexual behavior with long prison sentences, and in some cases, death? How about forcing a woman to bear a child she doesn’t want, and/or can’t afford? “God hates abortions,” say these guardians of justice, “He told me so Himself.”

Even the peaceful Buddhists have committed violent acts. Yes, hard to believe, but you can check it out

One of the ways we can stop the likes of ISIS or ISIL is to stop invading countries to control their oil supply, while claiming to stop its nuclear threat. AngelSadamSaddam was certainly no angel (and probably still isn’t – we’ve searched all of heaven, and he’s nowhere to be found), but is Iraq better now than when it was under the Hussein domain? And what about Bashar? Again, not a very nice guy, but by weakening him, we strengthen his opposition in Syria, which includes the religious fanatics I referenced in paragraph 2.

All faiths need to reform, and occupy a place in the twenty-first century (CE, not BCE). They can continue to delude themselves, but punishing apostates with death is just unacceptable. Adopting the latest fashion in suicide vests does little to bring world peace. Birth control would limit poor populations, and thus be a plus.

Hobby Lobby Vs The Bris – Religion on the Cutting Edge

As if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford didn’t make this knight restless enough, with a tackle that could have earned him a spot in the Canadian Football League, now we have religion mongers on the march, yet again.

Actually, they never really stopped marching, and if we start with Egyptian mythology (upon which much of modern Western religion is based), we can see just how much power they have been (and still are) able to amass.

My latest bout of restlessness is attributable to the Hobby Lobby. Despite what they claim in their ads (and you can expect newspapers to be flooded with them come Christmas), the Founding Fathers did not establish the United States as a Christian Nation. To the contrary: those wise men made  a point of separating Church and State.

Some members of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) are either unfamiliar with the Separation Clause (A.K.A. Establishment Clause) or are deliberately obfuscating it. That acronym “SCROTUS” is often confused with a portion of the male anatomy. Perhaps that wouldn’t happen if those Bush/Reagan appointees didn’t act as if they were.  They can’t use the excuse that the clause is buried too far down in the Constitution to find, because it’s part of the First Amendment.

This came up recently when SCOTUS was asked to render a decision on whether or not a corporation must provide contraception coverage for its employees.  This provision is guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act, which, to the surprise of many progressives, was also approved by SCOTUS.  Hobby Lobby claims that since, in another session of that august body, it was decided that corporations are people, it’s not much of a stretch to allow that “corporperson” to declare its religion.

So Hobby Lobby is now a convert to Catholicism. I say, “convert” because Hobby wasn’t born into that religion and was not forced to attend parochial school.  I’m trying to picture a lady in a penguin costume striking little Hobby with a ruler to effect discipline, or worse, his being violated by some sex-starved man of the cloth, between choir sessions.  I’m having trouble conjuring up those images in my mind. I doubt that the new Pope would condone those notorious practices, as he has demonstrated a genuine concern for the well being of people. Rush Limbaugh has criticized Pope Francis, calling him a Marxist, and Rush is probably a big fan of Hobby Lobby, if I had to guess. I reached that conclusion upon learning that one of Limbaugh’s favorite hobbies was calling women seeking birth control, sluts.

If this request is approved, relieving Hobby Lobby of the God-frowned-upon burden of providing the coverage that allows a female employee to decide if and when she wants to have a child, other companies could be tempted to adopt this principle.

Katz's_BarmitzvahKatz’s Delicatessen, on the lower East Side of Manhattan, would now be able to get that Bris (it already has the brisket) that it was denied a week after it was founded back in 1888. That’s the conclusion I drew after reading its autobiography.  Well, actually, it can’t really be an autobiography, because Katz’s Delicatessen had to leave school early, and never learned to write. Cook, yes; write, NO.

Pictured – Katz’s Delicatessen posing for its Bar Mitzvah Picture.

There are cases now pending before the Court on a pharmacist’s right to choose (remember that term?) whether or not to fill a prescription for birth control pills, sell a diaphragm, or heaven forbid, the Morning After Pill, based on religious beliefs. I doubt if religious corporations would welcome vasectomy coverage for their male employees either.

You can see where this is heading.  Christian Scientists (oxymoronic?) and Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in certain life-saving medical procedures. If God wants you to go, who the hell are we to say otherwise?

Those founders, many of whom were Deists (which I believe is the 18th century equivalent of atheist, agnostic or secular humanist), were smart enough to leave a mythological Being out of the Constitution. They didn’t go far enough. Freedom FROM religion should have been included.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion … ,” just does not go far enough.

Reason – R.I.P.

The Death of Reason


Reason is defined in the Catholic Encyclopedia as “The name given to that period of human life at which persons are deemed to begin to be morally responsible.”  Too bad the leaders of that Church didn’t exactly subscribe to that code of morality. Also beginning to behave responsibly is only a small first step. Example: stepping out of your house to protest some evil thing a corporation (like a bank) or your government is doing is the first step. But when you don’t actually go to the protest rally, and choose to have a latte at Starbucks instead, you can’t exactly claim credit for activism.

Legislators are not the only forces stomping on reason. As reported by NPR, Tennessee magistrate, Lu Ann Ballew refused to allow the parent of a child to name it “Messiah.” And her reason was quite sound. “The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ,” she said in an interview. Not only was she not reasonable, but worse: she used a run-on sentence. So, you folks out there named “Jesus” (and there are probably hundreds of thousands of you) or “Mohamed,” prepare to be called Jim or Moe, especially if you live in the Sippin’ Whiskey State.

Webster’s defines Reason quite differently. In one of several variations of the noun form, it‘s “the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways.” What a unique concept: Making decisions actually based on logic. Who’d a thunk it? But based on the actions of some state legislators and all of the U.S. Congress, logic has become a dirty word. This could explain our march back to the 19th century, in which we seem to be goosestepping.

CommonSenseThomas Paine, wrote a two-part book on the subject (The Age of Reason), the first of which was published in 1794. If you would like to examine its contents, you’ll find it here. The book focuses on religion, and Paine’s take on it (you could say it was a painstaking effort). He defined himself as a Deist, translating as: Belief that a creator god does exist, but that after the motions of the universe were set in place he retreated, having no further interaction with the created universe or the beings within it. Who can blame him? When God saw the mess he created he decided to bear no responsibility for it.  Paine was not the sole Deist of his era. In the cadre of Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington were Deists as well. So the notion that we are a Christian Nation, and must be ruled by the word of God is simply the result of using drugs that are illegal in most states.

Let us begin:  Friends, family and former beneficiaries of Reason

We are gathered together to celebrate the life of an idea that had lived for several centuries and has now disappeared. Though it did live, it was never fully accepted by the majority of world populations, who would rather have believed in bullshit then examine it for telltale odor.  For those of you that have come to this hall for the funeral for Journalism, it’s the next room on your left – and many of you will wish to attend both ceremonies.

Reason as defined by candidates and elected officials and political appointees:

Ignore the parts of the Constitution that are contrary to your point of view, and completely change the intention of the Founding Fathers. An example might be that many Americans accept the NRA definition of gun rights, and not the original wording: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” That is what is written in the Second Amendment. I don’t see anything about AK47s and Ar15s, do you? Hey you with that Glock 19. Where’s your militia uniform?

Another is the selectivity in the interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” I know, those 18th century folks were too stupid to include emails, phone conversations and Social Media.  Paraphrasing President Obama (not Bush), in a recent speech. “We have a court that will protect Americans against those kinds of invasions of your private information.” FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. See FISA Court. Rubber Stamp. The judges on this “court” are all appointed by Chief Justice Roberts. I hope you can appreciate how much fairness we can expect from that.

Some elected officials ignore reason in favor of biological urges. There are too many to count. But making it into the news recently was the re-emergence of Weiner (so to speak).  After losing his seat in Congress following a “revealing” discovery, he swore off junk texting (Junk Male).  But memory did not serve him in that as a Mayoral Candidate HE DID IT AGAIN? So he loined from past experience, as we Brooklynites would say. And if that is not unreasonable enough, check out the Parliamentarian for Queensland, who texted a picture of his John Thomas, suspended in a glass of red wine. Now anyone with the bad taste to pair his schlong with a red wine doesn’t deserve the trust of the people, even the Aussies. Isn’t it common knowledge that only a Penile Noir should be used on these occasions?

Many elected officials are using reason to try, for the fortieth time, to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, pejoratively known throughout the moronesphere as Obamacare. Instead of wasting our tax money on legislation that has as much chance to pass as Michelle Bachmann suddenly acquiring a brain or Dick Cheney acquiring a soul, why not work with the President on a jobs-creation bill? Putting people back to work, or moving folks off those temporary, part time, healthcare-free jobs (does not mean free health care) into dignified work would be a win-win.

The Supreme Court, the majority of whom were named by Republican Presidents, contributed to the death of reason by rejecting key portions of the Voting Rights Act, a landmark civil rights achievement by President LBJ dating back to 1965. They seem to prefer 1865, or better yet, to a time pre-dating the Emancipation Proclamation.

This august body has also reasoned that Corporations are people, in the notorious Constitution-defying Citizens United ruling. And why not? Corporations write the laws, thoroughly confusing and lengthy to make their understanding virtually impossible.

GettysburgAddressTo account for this sad reality, let us address Abraham Lincoln’s memorable document: We need to make a word replacement. This quote from the last paragraph of that historical speech, “- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Let’s substitute the word “corporation” for the word “people.” Because, in the words of Walter Cronkite (Funeral next door), “That’s the way it is.”

Mea Culpa. Mea REALLY Culpa

I don’t know if the former Cardinal Ratzinger (or the about to be former Pope, Benedict) has seen the recent HBO documentary, MEA Maxima Culpa, but I know what I’d do if I were Pope (only a very slim chance of THAT happening).

The infallible one (or as his friends in Cosa Nostra know him, Joey the Ratz), would be having many restless knights after the word got out (and not for the first time), that the Church has been less than forthcoming in its treatment of exposed (pardon the pun) pedophile clerics.

What did the Pope know, and when did he know it? Answer: Everything, and from his time as chief enforcement officer at the Vatican.

There are many who will mourn his loss to the Church. Not included in that group, are women, who, for their own personal and private reasons – in countries where abortion is legal (i.e. Civilized Countries), no longer wish to be pregnant. The flouting of the wishes of the Holy Father is not condoned (and Father knows best) But which Father?  It depends upon the branch of superstition you subscribe to. For the Vatican, it refers to the Pontiff, but in other equally absurd interpretations, the Holy Father is the Big Guy in the sky. I can see where the confusion comes in. I mean, they are both like so totally Holy .

In the Pope’s former role as Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he campaigned vigorously against political office seekers who were pro a woman’s right to determine her own reproductive future. The Doctrine, translated from the Latin Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei (also the signature dish at the Vatican Commissary), was established in 1542. So reassuring to know that an organization, founded during such a time of enlightenment, still holds sway in the modern world.


From Nazi Youth
to Eternal Truth

In a former-former role, Joseph, before getting a coat of many colors, served in a fun group called “Hitler Youth.” I know, it’s easy to criticize, and he probably didn’t have a whole lot of choice in the decision to join the Cub Scouts of National Socialism, but it stands as part of his past.

Another group that won’t be joining the mourners are members of Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Catholic Priests (catchy name). In 2011, these folks, a little antsy with some of the less-than-holy priestly practices and the toleration of them by none other than Joey the Ratz, have filed a petition with the Criminal Court in The Hague. Maybe the College of Cardinals should not be rushing to build Benedict’s retirement home, just yet, as a more suitable place may await him.

CNN has a video called “Predators in Plain Sight.” You don’t have to guess what the name implies. Here’s a link.


Don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you….

Now this little goody from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS): A yet-to-be-named European nation will be issuing an arrest warrant for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.

Until ITCCS reports just which country is alleged to be issuing this warrant, we should reserve judgment. But if this turns out to be more than just anti-Church propaganda, it explains the sudden resignation, unprecedented since those heady days of the 15th century, when Pope Gregory XII decided to get out of town. The action could lead to the seizing of Church assets that could be in the billions. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

A history of pedophilia plagues the Church. It could explain the tailing off of the influence of the Vatican. In the United States, the Church has just announced the permanent closing of many schools, 24 in New York State alone, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. 37 had already been closed, between 2000 and 2009. This was attributed to reduction in enrollment. I wonder why parents would be hesitant about exposing their children to these trusted stewards.

The result of these closings has allowed for the coinage of a new term: Nunemployment.

An article appearing in the London Evening Standard, from 2006, begins with:  “The Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight.”

The Church is having a tough time recruiting new priests. Have they considered how devotion to the priesthood runs counter to a man’s natural urges (that God, Himself bestowed upon them). So is it any wonder that many who are drawn to the service of Jesus would not come from your average male stock?

Does the Church realize that they are stuck in dogma that lost its validity centuries ago? If they did, they might permit priests to be married, or not be bridled by celibacy, or could actually have female genitalia. As is currently the rule, married priests in the Anglican Church, are encouraged to convert to Catholicism, become Catholic clergy and REMAIN MARRIED. So if it’s right for a converted cleric then why not a plain vanilla one?

I do not hide my disdain for organized religion, and this organization is probably responsible for more human suffering than any institution I can think of. From the Crusades, to the Spanish Inquisition, to Pope Pius XII’s cooperation with Hitler (yes he saved a few Jews, and 5 people out of six million ain’t bad), the violation of thousands of helpless children and subsequent cover-up, their atrocities are legion. The encouragement of the poorest to procreate beyond their affordable limits is criminal unto itself.

So it looks like Benedict will not be pontificating for Easter. Too bad. I had been looking forward to saying “Good Yontif, Pontiff.

Evolution Shmev…

Evolution Shmevolution.

Who do these so-called experts think they are, equating their scientifically accepted theory of Evolution with Creationism? No wonder my nights have been so restless.

The next thing we’ll know, those same geniuses will say that the Earth and the Heavens are way more than 6,000 years old. Now, anyone who has visited one of the many Creation Science museums can attest to the fact that the earliest man coexisted with dinosaurs and other so-called prehistoric creatures. So don’t let the alleged Sciences — Astronomy, Biology and Anthropology fool you.  And if you haven’t been to one of the aforementioned institutions of greater learning, get your child’s school to organize a class trip so that he can become as enlightened as you. You won’t have trouble finding these museums. There are two in my state, Florida (I’m so proud), four in Texas (what a shock!), and others in California, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Tennessee and Washington.

And speaking of Tennessee, I’d like to thank their legislature for not bowing to science, and keeping the Scopes trial alive.,0,7419331.story

If I ever succumb to the crazed and overrated notion of critical thinking, I might be forced to believe that most of the Republican Presidential candidates in the last two elections might not have gotten evolution exactly right. And judging from some of those examples of God’s perfection, it’s hard to defend the notion that man descended from the apes. According to the latest poll of Chimps, Gorillas and Orangs, they are insulted by that suggestion. Using sign language, they declared,  “If that is where evolution is headed, we’d rather remain as we are.”

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