The knights are restless and for good reason.

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The Knights Are Already Restless, – and Trump’s only been on the job 12 days!

If you get depressed easily, maybe you should’t read this. If you’re not, perhaps a trip to your psychotherapist might be in order.

It’s been only thirteen days since the President Elect became the President Erect. I use that term because it describes the biggest schmeckel  to ever be ushered to power by the very un-democratic Electoral College. Obviously, the Humanities is not a subject taught there.

Sorry, GW Bush, but you’ve been out-putzed, and it didn’t take that long. Just when I, and most of my associates, thought that the Bush-Cheney team couldn’t be out-schmucked, along comes a new leader whose public appearances will be greeted by Heil to the Chief (yes, I spelled that correctly).

Only Trump’s most loyal supporters — and those who have not learned that it is highly unlikely that robotics-caused job losses will return to the U.S. (or anywhere else, for that matter) — will become disenchanted. Notice I didn’t say ‘impossible.’ I already made that mistake when I and most every other political ‘expert’ assured us of a Trump loss, or even a shellacking.

Eisenhower alerted us to the Military Industrial Complex. but Obama should have warned us about the Superiority Complex, something his sucessor demonstrates daily (make that hourly).

A few of my less-evolved buddies say, “Give him a chance. Isn’t it too early to judge?” But I think his nominees for the Cabinet and other vital security positions are giving us a few clues. It’s like saying, “Don’t judge that nuclear blast until you see the results. It could be just another one of those harmless mushroom clouds.”

He’s nominated Neil M. Gorsuch to be the next member of the Supreme Court. Trump tried everything he could do raise Scalia from the dead, but when Antonin learned who the new President actually was, he said, “No thanks, I’d rather stay where I am.” The late justice didn’t indicate just where that was, and the sound of raging fires did obscure much of what he said.

The Democrats in the Senate could fail to join 52 Republicans when the vote for approval takes place. But why should they? After all, did the GOP even consider Obama’s nomination of moderate, Merrick Garland, almost a year ago? You bet they didn’t! This is a little fact that John Dickerson, host of Disgrace the Nation, failed to point out to conservative guest, Hugh Hewitt, author of The Fourth Way: A Conservative Playbook for a Lasting GOP Majority,” when Hewitt appeared on his show on January 29th.

Hewitt (whose mother loved him so much, she nearly named him twice) stated that the Democrats have no reason to attempt to block a SCOTUS nominee. The turtle look-alike, who leads the Republicans in the Senate, also seemed to suffer from amnesia when he insisted that Senate Democrats treat Trump’s nominee with the same respect his troops showed to the former President’s.

Trump’s record low approval ratings for any President’s first thirteen days in office was not statlibcantlooklimited to the millions of illegally-voting Hillary supporters, or any non-members of the American Nazi party. In a rare glimpse of the statue that represents American liberty, the Lady was echoing the sentiments of most people on the Trump-threatened planet.

The President is following the lead of many elected officials from the GOP, in insisting that Climate Change is a hoax. And he’s made the appointments to support that position, untenable as it is.

Now I’m not suggesting that Republican members of congress have been influenced by campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry, but OpenSecrets is. If you think Lady Liberty is shielding her eyes now, wait till she learns that Exxon Mobil Mogul, Rex Tillerson is the new Secretary of State. Let’s hope that this Rex is not a dinosaur when it comes to protecting the environment, as hopeless as that hope seems at the moment.

But to make up for that poor choice, Trump is leveling the playing field by appointing Texas former Governor and oopser, Rick Perry, to run the very department whose name he couldn’t remember during the 2012 presidential campaign. The Energy department is responsible for our nuclear arsenal. Comforting to know that a pro is in charge. But just to be clear, when reminded by fellow challengers for the presidency which agency that was, the EPA was mentioned, not the DOE.

But don’t you worry. Trump’s got that department covered as well. His pick to lead he Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruiit, is a staunch defender of the industry that is speeding the destruction of that very same environment. A rumor is going around that the agency will be renamed the EDA (the word ‘Destruction’ replaces ‘Protection,’) but who really cares? Certainly not the parents and grandparents of the children that will inherit this planet.

Trump promised to drain the swamp, clearly having no understanding of the word ‘drain.’ Most of that swamp, by the way, was polluted by his fellow Republicans, who have ruled both houses since 2010, making appointments extremely challenging for Barack Obama.

Now Roe vs Wade is under attack. Planned Parenthood will be defunded. This will ultimately lead to a return of back-alley abortions, or women having no alternative but to bare a child she cannot afford to clothe, feed, or educate. Seems fair. How else will we recruit troops to fight the next oil war?

Trump has surrounded himself with very talented truth avoiders. Reince Preibus (who I often mispronounce as ‘Raunch Pubis’) is the new Chief of Staff. His Press Secretary, Sean Spicer calls his boss’s support among the people as “tremendous,” quickly taking on the vocabulary of the firer-in-chief (as his dismissal of the former acting Attorney General, Sally Yates would attest). All she said was she could not enforce a ruling that was unconstitutional. The nerve! And the most ingenious truth avoider, Kellyanne Conway, will be sure to set us all straight.

In a nation that is 38th in pre-college education, having Betsy Devos assume the position (a favorite Trump line) as Education Secretary, is sure to put us even lower in that ranking. But it doesn’t matter, because we are making America great again, and that’s what really counts.

He has also ostracized the press, almost in its entirely, as the most dishonest people in the world. Breitbart and Fox News were excluded from that ranking.

But I want to wish the new Commander and Chief well, almost hoping that he won’t follow in the footsteps of William Henry Harrison. The ninth President, differed in his speech making from #45, having stood on an icy inaugural platform for several hours, only to be rewarded with incurable pneumonia that killed him several months later. Trump took no such chances, by delivering one of the shortest inaugural speeches in American history. He had thought about Tweeting it, but then he would have been around fifty characters too short.

Playing the Trump Card

Stepping off his space ship to an eager crowd of paid actors, the world’s most apprentice-firing candidate announces that another name has been added to the highly over-populated field of Republican Presidential contenders.trumpHair

This brings to the total number of GOP hopefuls to 25. Yes I said 25! Before you run out and celebrate, the process of adding still more to this number has not yet been completed. There are others who have not yet declared their candidacy (to learn more, click on this link). But getting back to my celebration of top comb-over Donald joining with such notables as other previous losers, Huckabee, Santorum and Perry, just to name a few.

Now that Mr. Obama, and his phony claims to being born on U.S. soil, will no longer serve as fodder for the Donald’s rants, The Donald will have to focus on the main Democratic contender, Hillary, who, if memory serves, hails from Outer Mongolia. The fact that the devilishly handsome Trump comes from Mars doesn’t seem to stick in his memory. For someone whose place of birth is 140,000 miles from our planet, he speaks English remarkably well—so well, in fact, that he was able to utter this complete sentence: “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

For those of you who still believe in the existence of a Supreme Being (other than Donald Trump), isn’t a little difficult to cotton to the fact that in His infinite wisdom, this is the President He has anointed?

Trump’s not the only candidate that has the Heavenly blessing. He is joined, among others, by John Dummet, Jr., a man who truly lives up to his name. Dummet, too, proudly espouses that leaders require God’s guidance, and that Gay Marriage and women’s right to choose should be outlawed, because they go against Judeo-Christian beliefs. Conveniently forgetting that most of the nation’s founders were deists and not theists, he insists that we must practice politics with the same intent and religious dedication as they allegedly did. He also believes that the founders signed onto a Constitution that should never be amended, because they were prescient enough to know how technology would advance 228 years later. But I digress yet again.

“Love him or hate him, Trump is a man who is certain about what he wants and sets out to get it, no holds barred. Women find his power almost as much of a turn-on as his money.”

Now this would be a great quote, except that it was made by Trump himself. And ladies, if you didn’t believe it before, you definitely should, now.

“The second-greatest day of a man’s life is the day he buys a yacht, but the greatest day of a man’s life is the day he sells it.”

The above quote was specifically aimed at people on food stamps. If the man knows anything, it’s his audience.

Finally, the Donald has the perfect solution for America’s financial woes. Declare bankruptcy. He did it (twice), and it didn’t stop his 2 million dollars a year checks from coming.

To further his candidacy, Donald will be appearing next Sunday on Disgrace the Nation.

We Shale Overcome

As a Restless Knight, lying awake, thinking about our food and water safety, I wish I could be sitting around the fire with a bunch of old hippies, singing that song. But evidence gives me no confidence that that will soon happen. We are not overcoming shale; it is overcoming us.

In a recent story in the The Nation Magazine entitled, Fracking Our Food Supply, Elizabeth Royte painfully points out just what’s wrong with the energy industry’s methodology for extracting natural gas from shale deposits.

Don’t get me wrong. Despite my preference for renewable energy (Gas is far from being a clean green energy source. As the World Wildlife Fund energy team points out: “The idea that gas is the solution to climate change is a myth put out by vested interests.”), I am not dismissing natural gas as a temporary alternative to the dreaded coal — it is the way it’s being done that makes me restless. And if you happen to be a farmer near land that has been leased to hydraulic fracturing interests, you’ve got real reasons to be restless, and even scared manureless. I’m also restless over the distinct possibility that Americans will believe that shale gas is the answer to all of our problems, and the need to develop sane, clean, renewable energy sources will no longer be an imperative.

Some time in the not-too-distant-past, our nation lost the political will to guaranty the delivery of safe food to its population. By defunding judiciary agencies like the FDA and EPA, congress has made it inevitable that the vested interests will win out over food safety. In the case of corn, we shut our eyes to an agra industry becoming an energy industry, whose desire for profit dictates that we fill gas tanks, not hungry stomachs. Well, thanks, but no tanks. Can we please find another fuel for our cars and trucks other than what was once the product of the “Great American Bread Basket?”

But it’s all politics. It was suggested (I’m sure by a disinterested party) that corn-based ethanol could replace gasoline or at least become part of the mix that is now mandated to go into your fuel tank (Can we still call it a gas tank?). Which of out 50 states always begins the Presidential selection process? Hint: It is neither the political nor the financial capital. And don’t get me wrong. Some of my best friends are Iowans. In ten years, corn price per bushel rose from $1.97 to over $7.00, a jump of over 75%. I couldn’t find another food commodity having that rate of inflation.

But I digress. I switched to a related subject of food degeneration from my original topic, Shale and its impact on the food supply.


Healthy cattle – before hydraulic fracturing

Tails of Woe

What caught my attention to this story was the reporting of farm animals, located near a fracking site, having their tails fall off. I guess we humans have nothing to fear from that alarm bell, as our ancestors lost theirs eons ago.

But perhaps we men should be concerned about what other of our body parts could meet the same fate.

Elsie, as shown in this undoctored photo, has become one of the casualties from a hydraulic fracking blow out, on a parcel of land a half mile upwind from where she and her sisters graze.


Here is Elsie, after a good fracking.

In addition to the non-standard rear appendage, she and some of her fellow bovines began limping, with swollen legs and infections. Some lost over sixty pounds in a single week, preventing them from lactating. Calves take umbrage when their moms fail to deliver milk. Bulls did not escape the wrath of fracking. One $5,000 breeding bull had to be put to death after veterinarians were unable to treat him.

After testing the water, it was learned that it contained sulfate levels of up to 4,000 parts per million (ppm). The Illinois Department of Health (and they should know) states that 30 to 40 ppm of this additive is safe for drinking. High levels of sulfate can cause polio in cattle. But if you feel you’re not ingesting enough sulfides from your water, come to Schilke’s Farm in North Dakota (Elsie’s home), and enjoy a long soothing sip. Don’t let it bother you that other animals around the farm, such as cats and dogs had elevated levels of selenium. They drink from the same water supply as the rest of the farm population (including the humans). Incidentally, toxicity from this chemical is cumulative in the body.


Cheney tells the U.S. to go frack itself

And speaking of water, a commodity in short supply in many places in the world, including the U.S., fracking a single well can require up to 7 million gallons of potable water. If that’s not enough, thanks to former VP Cheney, fracking interests are not required to report every nasty chemical they intend to use to accomplish their task. Ah, good old Dick Cheney. He was the first to receive a heart transplant when there was no evidence that he ever had one in the first place. I don’t suppose his connection to Halliburton (a major player in the hydraulic fracturing business) had anything to do with this industry secret, do you? By the way, that same great American got fracking excluded from violations of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts, the Toxics Release Inventory, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. So shooting a lawyer as quails are released from their cages is not the only act he can take credit for.

But that is only the beginning. The World Wildlife Fund has documented the many organs, including the kidney and liver that have been affected by the 632 chemicals used in natural gas production.

The Catskill Mountainkeeper lists on its website some of the chemicals found in water after hydraulic fracturing. Have you enjoyed some fine barium lately? How about cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury? This resource is on the alert, possibly because NY State Gov. Cuomo is under pressure and is yet to make his decision on permitting fracking on the state’s vast Marcellus shale deposits.

I stated in the beginning of this piece that I am troubled by the possibility, and even the probability that our citizens will become complacent about fracking and all of its evils. Yes, shale gas will bring us a certain amount of energy independence – but at what price? Is it worth having cheap fossil fuel in exchange for endangering the safety of our food supply?

Are the earthquakes that have been reported throughout areas in which hydraulic fracturing is taking place acceptable? As of this writing, fracking-suspected quakes have occurred many areas, including the following:
Dallas, Texas
Basel Switzerland
Youngstown, Ohio

I don’t know about you, but the possibility of an earthquake can make me pretty restless.

Keeping It Bottled Up

You know that nothing makes a knight more restless than keeping things bottled up inside. When that happens, they get sloppy with their lances; there is a reduction in the number of saved damsels in distress, and new leases on life to the endangered dragon population are granted.

But what should stress out even the non-knight population is the amount of detritus in the form of empty plastic bottles seen on the side of roads. Since there seems to be no moral compunction against littering, the road is a convenient place to toss that empty beverage bottle, after it has done its damage to your liver with the world’s fastest sugar delivery system. In fact, soda delivers sugar even faster than Mitt Romney fired people at Bain.

If bottle debris is not a problem for you, think about the waste associated with plastic bottles and all of its negatives on society.  Incidentally, they are estimated to be about half the waste stream.

First, plastic bottles are a petroleum product. Last time I checked, petroleum is the commodity for which we sacrificed four thousand lives, a trillion in un-budgeted military expenses and the wrecking of an entire country that did nothing to us to provoke such an invasion. And, despite the fact that there is a surplus of oil supply compared to demand, prices for this viscous goo are always threatening to rise meteorically. This is especially true when tensions are heightened in the Middle East (like that ever happens).

Making more bottles out of this scarce resource seems a waste unto itself, especially since most of those plastic containers could be reclaimed.  This would obviate the need to use even more of that sludge for which we send young people to die. Did you know that in 2006, Americans purchased over 31 billion liters of bottled water that took 17 million barrels of oil to produce, with a carbon footprint of 2.5 million tons of CO2? That was five years ago, and I doubt if those numbers have diminished since then.

In my adopted state of Florida, a bill is being considered that would place a deposit on each plastic bottle purchased. The legislature and governor has not always acted in our best interest, so they need to hear from you.  Would you mind that much, paying another nickel or dime for your bottle of sugary poison, or the more fashionable Evian, so that there would be an incentive to return those bottles for re-use? You could personally reclaim that deposit, or let the many unemployed folks in our state gather them from the streets and otherwise pristine beaches to earn a few bucks. Would you like to join the forty other U.S. states (and Guam) that treat plastic bottles sustainably?

If you agree, please join me in signing this petition now!

We could all be doing our part to reduce plastic bottle use by doing a few simple things:

  • Carry a refillable water bottle. There is a vast selection available at most retailers, from $10 and up. These can replace the many plastic bottles for which you paid up to $1.25 per pint of water (gasoline is only 72 cents a pint by comparison).
  • Store water in much larger containers. If your tap water doesn’t taste quite right (and it probably doesn’t), think about a service that delivers quality water at regular intervals, and carts away the original for re-use.
  • Talk to the event handler at your business or organization. Suggest pitchers of water instead of those tiny throw-aways sitting in front of each guest.
  • Think twice before consuming that next bottle of soda. The teeth you save may be your own, not to mention the empty calories, or worse, the artificial sweetener to which you are exposing your organs.

Okay, I’m through ranting (for the moment). Now that I know my message has gotten through, loud and clear, my night might not be quite as restless going forward.

For more on the environment, check out my non-profit website,

Exceptional US

It has been quite awhile since my last post to this blog. Maybe it’s due to my nights being sooo restless that I lack the energy.

So, to paraphrase the Passover Seder’s primary question, why are these nights different from all others? I think it’s the steady bombardment of exceptionally negative political campaigning (from both sides). Just once, I’d like to hear a politician state a positive thing he will do (and mean it). There are exceptions: Mitt wants to repeal Obromney Care, and since he is no longer running for Governor of Taxacheusetts, and wants to clear himself of any memory of it, he can do it without a wince. With backing from his exceptionally loaded buddy, Sheldon Adelson, he will positively see to it that this major contributor (up to $100 million major) is happy, by carrying out a first strike against Iran. This will not ease my restlessness (or the price of gasoline).

The political messages on TV, particularly in the swing states (one of which I happen to live in), come like a speeded up baseball pitching machine. It’s hard to get the bat around before the next one is in your face. I never thought I would welcome a pharmaceutical commercial as respite from the political deluge.

Our condition as citizens of this once great nation is another major cause of restlessness (if not out and out depression). We listen to those guys and gals vying for our votes, espousing rhetoric that we are an exceptional people. If you define exceptionalism as having exceptionally high prison incarceration rates, exceptionally low math and science scores, exceptionally low literacy rates and highly armed with exceptionally dangerous arsenals, then we fill the bill, nicely.

My question to those folks begging for our votes is, how did we become this exceptional, and what will you do to reverse this trend? Judging from how you operate, once you have achieved office, you give me little hope that we can crawl back into the twenty-first century to join the rest of the civilized world.

All former empires were exceptional at one time, owing to their success. What they all have in common is that they became complacent, thinking they were still exceptional. They spread themselves too thin, neglected the well-being of their people, thus opening the door for their successors. How exceptionally naive is that?

The Meat of the Matter

I was born into a household where my father did not consume animal products, at least not from dead animals. He did eat eggs, cheese and other dairy products.

As a young adolescent, I thought this policy was strange, as no other family I knew, had followed the principle. Vegetarianism was certainly not new, as a list of vegetarians from history will attest. Those figures include dudes from Ancient Greece, such as Pythagoras and Plato, religious giants like Saint Francis of Assisi and Martin Luther – Luther: who knew? There were also those who chose science over superstition to arrive at their non-carnivore dietary preferences. Who would have suspected that Ben Franklin took time off from hell-firing to settle down with a nice veggie burger? The writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hans Christian Andersen, Charlotte Bronte and Henry David Thoreau were meatless, and Tolstoy made War and Peace on meat and the vegetable comestible, respectively.

Some times I was embarrassed when our family went out to dine, as I heard Dad clumsily explaining to the waiter at Tung Sang that he didn’t eat meat. He was only trying to ensure that his vegetable–only request would be strictly observed, by a wait staff whose mastering of English was questionable.

My father did not impose this restriction on the rest of our family, and at the time I was grateful. After leaving the household, I spent the next forty-five years consuming all the mammals I could get my teeth into. I was one of Burger King’s best customers (McDonalds was off-limits because of Ray Kroc’s Nixon campaign contributions).

A good friend told me how she gave up the consumption of meat shortly after a visit to a slaughterhouse. She described, in vivid detail, the suffering of animals scheduled for slaughter. She could have only been revulsed further if the slaughterhouse she had visited used the Kosher process. God is happy if you kill an animal in this fashion. The cow? Not so much. Neither of us was aware of the inhumane conditions, which was the ordeal of all animals selected to provide us with life-giving sustenance. Since that time (about twenty years ago), conditions for animals in factory farms have gotten much worse. You can imagine how restless the nights and days of these hapless creatures must be, born into captivity, and constantly living within inches of their fellow cage-mates.

One day I just quit, cold turkey (although poultry is still something that I consume, at least temporarily). Since making that decision, five or six years ago, I have learned more of the reasons why my choice was a correct one – for me.

The other morning, I learned that in addition to the hormones and antibiotics that are added to the diet of beef cattle, some factory farms feed chicken manure to their beasts of unspeakable burden. This is to keep a competitive edge, against producers who treat their animals a little more humanely (as if that were even possible). The idea is produce the product at the cheapest possible price, ignoring health threats to human consumers of beef. It seems that one of my favorite corporations, Walmart, which practically owns the food retail business (as well as the souls of its employees), mandates this cheapest pricing structure. So if you believe that you ARE what you eat, and someone accuses you of being chicken shit, you can respond affirmatively.

What are some of these health threats, I hope you are asking?

Let’s start with antibiotics. Each time you swallow a mouthful of non-organic beef product, you’re ingesting some of those. Eventually, you, and the cow you are eating, will develop immunity to the diseases these agents seek to prevent.

What about those hormones? About two thirds of all slaughtered beef are injected with “growth enhancements”. Leave it to the Ag Industry to think of this euphemism for poison. The idea is for the animal to attain maturity before nature had intended, to achieve the obvious reward – less time on the farm; quicker to your stomach. These additives to your food are potential health risks. Most adult men have a little less to fear from growth hormones than women who are pregnant, or one day, hope to be, and young children. But they are only a small majority.

Now my favorite of these additives is chicken manure, mentioned above. My doctor told me I wasn’t getting enough of this in my diet. She also told me I was deficient in Pink Slime, which the industry now calls “Finely Textured Beef.” Why they would change the name from the original is beyond me. A better question is what idiot named it that in the first place? A marketing genius, I’ll wager.

These guys are trying to tell us something.
-Courtesy of 2050 Magazine

So what are some of the pitfalls of feeding this to cattle? We’ve all heard of mad cow disease (who could blame them for getting mad?). Chicken manure in the feedlot has been known to cause this malady. The industry is probably putting heads together, as we speak, to euphemize this term to something like, “Poultry Poopular.” And while they are at it, they should take a whack at the name “Mad Cow,” and call it “Slightly Perturbed Bovine,” or ”Disturbed Herd Mentality.”

I could just see the ad now: A young child, with a white bacteria-infested mustache appears, smiling, as she utters (or udders) the line, “Got salmonella?”

So, other than human health, and inhumane treatment of animals, what were my other reasons to avoid meat?

Global Warming: Cattle is said to be the greatest emitter of methane, a greenhouse gas considerably worse than CO2 (and I thought that my best high school buddy was the greatest emitter.)

Food Security: With over 7 billion mouths to feed (and that’s just from the Octa-mom), and until now, population has increased exponentially, how can we justify raising crops that could be consumed by humans, in order to feed animals? No matter how you slice it (or chop it), there is no question which method of consumption gives you more bang for the buck (sorry, Bambi). It’s bad enough that much of our agricultural output is put in gas tanks instead of stomachs, but that is a subject for a future discussion.

The demand for meat protein rises with affluence. As emerging economies such as those lately seen in China, India and others, this protein source becomes more competitive, putting the poor at a severe disadvantage. Yes, there will always be poor people, but do we have to make their lives even more miserable? Even caring candidate Romney has addressed this, stating, “I love poor people. They’re just the right height.”

According to an expert at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, it requires 41 million tons of plant protein to produce just 7 million tons of animal protein. That’s about a 5/6 hit to the supply. It’s only logical that eliminating cattle as a source of food would be a far more efficient use of dwindling resources.

Celebrity Status: I can eat in the same restaurants as Michelle Pfeiffer.

Fission for answers – con-fusion is the result

So what’s causing restlessness among the knights, this time?

Presidents pandering to polluters is my alliterative answer. Just as April 1st was upon us, President Obama became fossil fuelish by approving the Oklahoma section of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This was not the oil change I believed in, when I enthusiastically endorsed his election bid in 2008.

Now why do we suppose he did this? Was it because the voters of Oklahoma, grateful for the 600 temporary jobs his approval will potentially create, will rush out to support his re-election bid in 2012? If his race against that infamous flip-flopper, John McCain is any indication, Obama lost to the old rogue 66 to 34% in 2008. Does the President know something we don’t, such as Oklahomans woke up to reality and will now reverse a century old tradition of voting Republican?

Just when I thought my nights couldn’t get any more restless, at about the same time as the Keystone cave-in, the administration cut the budget for fusion research. Some have said this is the technology of the future, and always will be. The $50 million cut in fusion energy research will make that prophesy self-fulfilled.

Wait, my restlessness is just beginning. The withdrawn funds, which would have extended research activity at MIT, which last time I checked was a facility located in the United States, will now be directed to International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) located in a country where they don’t even talk American. This decision will close one of the three MIT facilities with all of the associated pain that come with significant layoffs.

This same President has gone fission, with the Federal underwriting of the conventional nuclear industry. This is the nuclear power that Germany, after appreciating the destruction experienced during the recent Fukishima fiasco, decided to replace as an energy source. Why does conventional nuclear power need Federal insurance guarantees? Because no company on the planet will insure a nuclear plant on its own.

Admittedly, cold fusion energy is an expensive process, but should it come to fruition, it could solve most of the energy problems associated with the burning of fossil fuels, and the dangers of uranium mining and storage of spent nuclear materials. Scientists working on this technology claim to be nearing a breakthrough. Is this the best time to be nipping it in the bud?

For more about the Pros and Cons of Nuclear energy, please go to my website:

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