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The Restless Knight Re-Awakens – Really

It’s been far too long since the Restless Knight has been heard from. The late-night comedians and speakers at the White House Correspondents Dinner have been commenting aplenty.

Those messages have not diminished support for the tweeter-in-chief by his staunch followers. To the contrary, his fan club continues to grow, and this includes his religious base.

And knowing what I do about those righteous souls, and how important it is to teach “Christian values” to their children, no amount of wanton sexual behavior on the part of this human-resembling monster seems to be able to halt that support.

Are they delivering a message to their children that it is perfectly okay to have sex outside of marriage, even when their mothers are delivering one of their siblings? Or it’s fine to grab a woman by her privates, as long as one is rich or famous enough?

Now we can accuse Trump of many things (and many of us already have), but stupid is not one of them. Selfish, vain, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, tax-avoider, promoter of toxic fossil fuels, remover of water safety (I could go on) – yes, but stupid, hardly.

Hitler could also be accused of having a “few” faults, but like the modern-day version, he saw the plight of citizens who suffered from poverty, and looked for a convenient scapegoat to blame for that condition. Of course there were very different reasons for German poverty after the “war to end all wars” – but the Jews were not one of those (just like the Mexicans are not responsible for our woes). It was the impossible sanctions imposed by the Versailles Treaty, that couldn’t fail to give the likes of the Fuhrer a reason for being.  But in modern-day America (and other nations, too), automation has been the primary cause.  And Hillary was as effective in spreading her message to the disenchanted as Von Hindenburg was in his 1930s attempts to prevent Hitler’s ascension to the chancellorship.

Populism is happening in many countries throughout the world. It is engendered by a fear of “the other.” Leaders who recognize this have capitalized on it. Examples include the last German election, where Merkel lost an important majority in the Bundestag, Brexit, the Philippines and the monster Rodrigo Duterte’ who controls it, Turkey’s Erdogan and others.

Forced migration is the major cause of populism as people are forced to flee their native countries for places that might increase the chances of their survival and that of their children.  People in countries on the receiving end of this migration fear the loss of their customs, religion and traditions. This is happening in many of the world’s places, including a large part of Latin America, where gang violence does not create an atmosphere where the living is easy.

I don’t have too many answers. So why am I writing this? Maybe it’s because I don’t want to suffer alone.

One thing we can do is to stop putting Trump down. It hasn’t worked despite his evil ways, and won’t moving forward. But we can and we must address the very things that drive these disenchanted people into the Trump camp. This, by the way, does not include calling them a “basket of deplorables (ya think?).”

They need to see ways for them to thrive in this new automated world which could include, among other things, a guaranteed income. A Marshall Plan to bring these people out of poverty would help immensely.  I don’t know how many of you know the difference between the John Maynard Keynes approach vs. that of Friedrich August Von Hayek. Both of these economists were born in the later part of the 19th century, but the disagreements they had fit today’s issues to a T. The former believed that you sweeten the economy by spending money to create infrastructure and the jobs that follow. Hayek, took the opposite approach.

You can see examples of this following the Depression of the 1930’s. After the Wall Street collapse, FDR in his new role as leader of the American people, spent money America didn’t have. By late 1935, we had mostly recovered from the Depression, so Roosevelt pulled back and basically adopted the Hayek approach. Guess what? The days of the Depression were beginning to return. It was only the build up to WWII that brought us out.

Is this what we want? A war to help us re-establish our economy and address the legitimate fears of the disenchanted (many of whom are armed, by the way)?

As the wealth gap continues to grow in the U.S., so, too will the disenchantment.  The rich need to pay their fair share in taxes for what they derive from our economy. Allowing unfettered access to politicians to promote their special-interest agenda only adds to the problem.

Rag Mop Does It Again

Rag Mop is a name for the Donald that has not yet caught on. If Trump can use an Elton John song to label the leader of the un-free world, can’t I use one for Donald by the Ames Brothers? Am I dating myself here?

Since Trump got the Electoral College majority last November (assuming the Russians didn’t hack that one, too), I’ve had to place shoe-proofing around my T.V. set. Otherwise I would have been forced to replace the screen, several times a day.

We now live in a world whose most powerful nation is controlled by a narcissistic maniac. If you think those are harsh words, over a half million people responded to a request to submit a single word to describe this unprecedented President. Over 26,000 words came back, many of which you wouldn’t want your child to hear. Overwhelmingly, the words were not favorable.

None of the experts in the field saw the election results coming, including the great Nate Silver, CEO of Five-Thirty-Eight – the polling group that never, ever gets these predictions wrong.

What was not obvious to Silver, nor to Trump’s Democratic challenger, was that Rag Mop knew how to get his people to show up on Election Day. He figured out that his supporters do not use critical thinking for many of life’s most important decisions. Does who will be the leader of the free world qualify for that distinction?

His rival in 2016 has since learned to strike the word “deplorables” from her lexicon. What should have been obvious, Hill, is that you don’t get voters by insulting them. Unfortunately, her bevy of advisers failed to warn her about that. I haven’t read her New York Times Best Seller, What Happened? I assume she addresses that in the book.

And no matter what Rag Mop says, and about whom he says it, seems to have no ragMopnegative consequences on the folks whose support he won (well, at least according to that great bastion of democracy, the Electoral College).

A few members of Trump’s staff tried to warn him not to launch a verbal attack on North Korea. But I guess no one got around to telling him that the United Nations was established to preserve peace in the world? Otherwise why else would he use that platform to deride four member nations? Or, as Rag Mop might say it, “Who knew that you had to be diplomatic when addressing that fake world body?”

The President needs to watch the amazing Ken Burns documentary series about Vietnam, if only he could pull himself away from Fox and Friends. He would see the futility of wars, especially those America fought after WWII (Cuba, Korea, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq). The series (roughly eighteen hours long – giving me several restless nights) begins with the Korean blunder of 1950. It lasted just three years, but managed to kill over 36,000 Americans, not counting the 7,747 the Pentagon forgot to report (since corrected). N. Korea suffered over a million casualties, and S. Korea about the same number. China reportedly lost about 600,000 of its military, but estimates vary widely

The U.S. cannot claim a single victory in any of those conflicts, but Ronald Reagan sure did kick the shit out of those Grenadians.

But these tragic events, some of which still continue today, seem to have no end, and profit no one, with exception of the Military Industrial Complex, Ike warned us about. Yet Rag Mop waves his nuclear finger at Rocket Man without any regard to the possible consequences. If I were living in any adjacent region to N. Korea, all of my nights would be restless.

Trump ran on the slogan “Make America Great, Again.” Are we sure he didn’t mean, “Hate, Again?”

And speaking of making our county great, again: Exactly what was the time period in which this greatness occurred? Was it the ‘great’ way African Americans were treated from our nation’s inception (and in many cases, still – ask Colin Kaepernick)? Or perhaps it was our treatment of the indigenous people (remind me not to open an ice cream store called “Custard’s Last Stand”). We honor President Jackson by putting his face on the Twenty, without regard for the Trail of Tears that occurred during his administration. This was a series of forced removals of Native American nations from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States to an area west of the Mississippi, which had been designated as Indian Territory.

Why not remove ‘Old Hickory’ from that bill, and replace him with a female American SBA_onTheTwentyreal hero like Susan B Anthony, or Clara Barton? That would be one way of establishing American greatness (even Syria has a female face on it’s currency –a depiction of Queen Zenobia). That might make up for the fact that it took 140 years from our Declaration of Independence to grant women the right to vote? To be fair, we were not much different from other nations on the subject of women’s suffrage. The delay in granting it was blamed on guess what: World War I, one of the most costly and dumbest conflicts in world history.

I won’t fail to mention that the Nazis were not the only ones to use concentration camps.


Takei Fencing After being let out of the fence

We interred the entire Japanese American population, including Star Trek star, George Takei. We didn’t grant German Americans the same experience. It couldn’t have had anything to do race, now, could it?




Another brilliant move by the Offender-in-Chief is his ever-changing travel ban. As of this writing, the citizens of the following countries are not permitted to migrate here: Chad, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela. I was trying to recall the last time I was attacked by a Chadian. But countries that actually had participants attacking the U.S., namely Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, were excluded from the ban.

Apple stockholders and iPhone addicts (like me) should be grateful that the ban didn’t exist in 1952. This was the year Steve Jobs Syrian-born father (Abdul Fattah Jandali) fled the Middle East.. Without Jandali’s arrival in the U.S. there would be fewer Jobs (including Steve). Take a bite (or byte) out of that, Donald.

Our stunning victory over the Axis powers in 1945 was where America defined its greatness.  Our entry into that war, however, was prompted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor – and not by Axis attempts to take over the entire world. So, great again? I guess it depends upon how you define the word “Great.”






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