The knights are restless and for good reason.

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Evolution Shmev…

Evolution Shmevolution.

Who do these so-called experts think they are, equating their scientifically accepted theory of Evolution with Creationism? No wonder my nights have been so restless.

The next thing we’ll know, those same geniuses will say that the Earth and the Heavens are way more than 6,000 years old. Now, anyone who has visited one of the many Creation Science museums can attest to the fact that the earliest man coexisted with dinosaurs and other so-called prehistoric creatures. So don’t let the alleged Sciences — Astronomy, Biology and Anthropology fool you.  And if you haven’t been to one of the aforementioned institutions of greater learning, get your child’s school to organize a class trip so that he can become as enlightened as you. You won’t have trouble finding these museums. There are two in my state, Florida (I’m so proud), four in Texas (what a shock!), and others in California, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Tennessee and Washington.

And speaking of Tennessee, I’d like to thank their legislature for not bowing to science, and keeping the Scopes trial alive.,0,7419331.story

If I ever succumb to the crazed and overrated notion of critical thinking, I might be forced to believe that most of the Republican Presidential candidates in the last two elections might not have gotten evolution exactly right. And judging from some of those examples of God’s perfection, it’s hard to defend the notion that man descended from the apes. According to the latest poll of Chimps, Gorillas and Orangs, they are insulted by that suggestion. Using sign language, they declared,  “If that is where evolution is headed, we’d rather remain as we are.”

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